Blackall - street

Blackall is an appealing country town with tree lined streets and heritage buildings.

Positioned to support Central Queensland’s prominent sheep and cattle industries, Blackall has a strong community focus and offers a quiet and relaxed outback lifestyle ideal for those who want to experience a close-knit community.

Blackall’s heritage experiences include unique links to Jack Howe, “Beyond the Black Stump”, water that flowed off the dinosaurs back and a fully working steam driven Woolscour.
Local legend also says that if you pass the Barcoo River ten times then you are here to stay! So be warned.

Blackall is located on the largest grassy ecosystem in Australia, the Mitchell Grass Downs. Here you will see Mitchell grassland which has a light covering of trees including boree, gidgee and coolibah with emu-bush along watercourses. 

Around Blackall the gidgee shrub-lands were cleared in the 1960s and 70s and buffel grass was planted. From the end of the Proterozoic (545-2500 million years ago) period the area was covered on three occasions by vast, expanding seas, and in the Blackall region many fossil imprints of marine origin have been found in rocks.

Further afield, visit Idalia National Park about 112 kilometres from Blackall on the Emmet road. Idalia has majestic red river gums, spring-fed waterholes, rocky escarpments and a wide variety of local flora and fauna.

Blackall has a temperate climate with a summer temperature of 14 ℃ – 42 ℃ and a winter temperature ranging from 6 ℃ – 28 ℃.
Blackall experiences most of it’s rainfall in the summer months and has an average annual rainfall of 450mm.