Tambo Teddies

The icon of Tambo is the Tambo Teddy.
Back in 1992 wool prices had crashed, the Tambo district was in the grip of a drought and the local community were challenged to come up with a new industry to sustain the economy of the little town.

A brain storming session developed the idea that Tambo could assist the wool industry, encourage tourists and create employment by making unique teddy bears from wool pelts and stuff them with wool. After many months of designing and planning, the first Tambo Teddies were ready for sale in February 1993.

Tambo Teddies now take pride of place in homes all over the world and have made the little town of Tambo (population some 600) the ‘outback Teddy capital of Australia’.

You can find a soft and cuddly Bickie Bear for your newborn or a fully dressed Mr. Stockman teddy bear with his hat, swag and stock whip. Pop in and watch your bear come to life as they are lovingly made. As their personality emerges each bear is individually named after a farming property in the Tambo district. 

Get your Tambo Teddy and have a friend for life.

Location: Tambo