Step back in time when you enter Tambo and experience the peacefulness and relaxation of the oldest town in the Central West.

Tambo has a strong community spirit which shows in the well kept streets and homes around the town.

With heritage buildings and streets lined with native Queensland Bottle trees it is a place to stop, relax and appreciate Queensland’s heritage.

Located near the south-east extremity of the Mitchell Grass Downs, the treeless plains are in evidence as you travel north along the Landsborough Highway towards Tambo.
Mitchell grass, a tussock grass named after the explorer Sir Thomas Mitchell, grows as scattered tussocks, about 20 cm in diameter, up to half a metre high and with roots more than a metre deep, allowing access to deep soil moisture.

The Tambo region supports distinctive fauna of reptiles, grassland birds and small marsupials adapted to the region’s seasonality and variability in annual rainfall. 


Nearby is Salvator Rosa which can be accessed from the Wilderness Way. The Wilderness way will take you to one of Queensland’s better kept secrets, known to many as the roof of Queensland. This area is a watershed and source of creeks and rivers that form three of Australia’s main river systems. Here you will find extensive ranges with massive formations created in soft sandstone, towering white cliffs and picturesque gorges.

Tambo has a temperate climate with January temperatures ranging from 20 ℃ – 42 ℃ and July temperatures ranging from 3.6 ℃ – 21.2 ℃.
Tambo experiences most of its rainfall in the summer months and has an average annual rainfall of 540mm.