Tambo - Wilderness Way Tambo - Wilderness Way

This self-guided tour will introduce visitors to the well-kept secret of an area often known as the "Roof Of Queensland". It is a vast watershed of creeks and rivers that eventually form three of the major river systems in Australia - the Fitzroy system that flows east into the Pacific Ocean near Rockhampton, the Murray - Darling system that flows south and finally empties into the Southern Ocean near Adelaide and the legendary Barcoo that winds it way through natural open grasslands joins the Thomson River to form Cooper Creek and when seasons permit, finally flows into Lake Eyre in the northern deserts of South Australia.
Inaccessible in many places the "Roof of Queensland" is an extensive tangle of ranges where wind and rain have created massive formations in the sandstone. Located on the western end of the sandstone belt the formations of Spyglass Peak and the Sentinel dominate the skyline.
To travel the wilderness way you can head out along the Augathella - Tambo road and follow the road signs. You can do the complete loop and come out on the Springsure Road or do the journey in the opposite direction. The round trip covers 320kms and there is a camping area in the Salvator Rosa National Park section.
Some of the plants in the Salvator Rosa National Park area are unique, the flora and fauna of the Eastern Central Highlands district intermingle with that of the more arid plains and grassland of the rolling downs. In late winter wattle trees burst into a proliferation of golden blooms then in spring there's a riot of colourful flowers on normally dull shrubs growing on the sandstone ridges and sandy flats.
Please be aware of changing weather conditions, roads are unsealed. A four wheel drive is recommended for the sandy areas. Please let somebody know when you expect to return. These areas are delicate environmentally so please make sure that all you leave behind is your footprints.
More information on Salvator Rosa National Park section of the Wilderness Way can be found on http://www.nprsr.qld.gov.au/
Please call into the Visitor Information Centre for the latest road conditions or give them a call on 07 4654 6408