Tambo - Heritage Precinct Tambo - Heritage Precinct

The Heritage Precinct is located on the eastern entrance of Tambo.

A small portion of Tambos’ rich history can be viewed in the Post and Telegraph Museum. Tambo played a vital role in the early telegraph system linking the north of Australia with the south. The building now known as Mulhern house was the first Post and Telegraph Office built by the government in 1876 on the site of the current Post Office. This was moved by bullock team with the aid of logs in 1904 to make way for the new Post Office. The building now houses an eclectic mix of displays portraying the history and lifestyle of Tambo. There is also an interactive DVD so you can learn more about this small town.
The smaller building which was the originally a one room addition built onto the Post and Telegraph Office in 1885. It now houses the Post and Telegraph artefacts as well the Morse code which you can see in operation.
The Totally Tambo Heritage Group man the buildings on a volunteer basis and are very happy to share their knowledge of Tambo’s history. There is a small range of locally made arts and crafts available for purchase at the Centre.
The Historical Courthouse which was built in 1888 is located across the road from these buildings and now houses the Tambo Library and the Visitor Information Centre. You can still get the feel of the courthouse with judges bench and the prisoner dock intact in the building. Along the back of the verandah the two jail cells are located.
Whilst in this area take in the Tambo Shire Hall built in 1957 which once housed the Council Offices and Library but now is used for community activities from the local Arts and Craft group using it for sewing workshops, Tambo Arts Council live shows to dances and balls.